Rants & Raves

THANK YOU TO ALL the people who helped make it so hard for me to get my driver’s license renewed after 40 years. What did I ever do to you?


FOR GENERATIONS Augustans grieved the demolition of the majestic mahogany and brass Union Train Station. Thanks be to God that Sacred Heart Cultural Center was spared the wrecking ball. Be advised, Dr. Azziz, you will never understand or be a part of “our town.” Restore Augusta’s name to its rightful place.

YOU KNOW HOW YOU can tell if someone is a Democrat? He thinks he can say what he wants while protesting your right to do the same.

A RANT FOR the misguided people who continue to waste time worrying about President Obama’s birthplace. I don’t care where he came from. It’s where he currently resides that needs to be dealt with.

RAVES AND MORE Raves for Windsor at The Augusta Chronicle, who walked me right through the All-Access Process. She also has the sweetest personality, perfect for the job she does.

I, FOR ONE, support Chick-fil-A and Mr. Cathy now and plan to in the future. For those of you who seem to have a problem with this, I suggest that you not patronize this establishment. There are several businesses that support causes that I do not believe in; therefore, I do not do business with them.

THE BOARD OF REGENTS’ attorney stated that “regent” is too general for trademark protection. Yet he did not address the perception of conflict under trademark protection the “Regent” will create. Therefore, in order not to acknowledge that they were misled, they will waste untold amounts of taxpayer money on a needless legal battle.

I AM 78. I HAVE never been asked to show my Social Security card. I have no clue where my original card is. I will be showing them my enlistment papers and discharge papers from the Air Force, which does have my Social Security number on it. How many people my age or younger have their original Social Security cards? Good luck to the people who find themselves in a real mess.

SYLVIA COOPER, I enjoy reading your articles. Keep up the good work. Please run for mayor. As a matter of fact, you need to run for sheriff.