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I AM VERY disappointed in the outcome of the runoff election between Scott Peebles and Richard Roundtree. To begin with, there absolutely should not have been a runoff in the first place. Without a doubt Scott Peebles was the man for the job with his experience and his qualifications. What a shame that some did not come through with their support and shame to those who made a point of “distracting.” You let a good man down!

HOW DID SETH ROUZAN only get five years? He should have been in prison for life. What is wrong with our courts? There should be no pleas on robbery and murder, period.

WE HOPE THAT Robbie Silas is happy with what he did to Richmond County. He wasn’t qualified to run for sheriff. He did it because he wanted power and the south Augusta mob wanted a yes man in office. He hurt Richmond County beyond belief. He divided the votes so the man who was qualified lost.

RICHARD ROUNDTREE IS not the sheriff yet. Wait until November.

AZZIZ, YOU ARE RUINING Augusta. You are going to get fewer students. People are not going to want to send their children to a school with a name like that.

I JUST READ THAT some Catholic bishops are joining the president in criticizing Paul Ryan on some issues. I wonder if the Catholic bishops and the black pastors are joining the president in his views on homosexual marriages.

THOSE OF YOU WHO are left from VFW Post 3200 are welcome to join us at Post 649. We would be glad to have you join our post and transfer your membership. It is a recreational facility and you will meet new people.

ON AUG. 23 I WENT to a ceremony to pin the firefighter badge on my grandson. This is the first class of new employees who are required to be certified, advanced EMTs. It was hard work and study for them every day. When you see a firefighter on the street, please thank them for their service. They are our first responders in any emergency and your life could depend on them.

RANT FOR AZZIZ: Great to hear you’re “moving on.” How can we help you leave?

NO ONE SHOULD EVER be forced to apologize for something he said. Ed Turner has a right to his opinion. Isn’t that freedom of speech?


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Rants and raves

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Armed robbery reported at Family Dollar