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RAVES TO GOODWILL Industries. I got a divorce not too long ago. I didn’t have any pots, plates or anything. I went there and bought that kind of stuff to start over with. If you have children going off to college and don’t have a lot of money, you should go to Goodwill and look over what they have because they have a lot of good stuff.


ARE THE IMMIGRANTS who will be allowed to get driver’s licenses going to have to take the written test and the road tests before they will be allowed to get them?


A HUGE RAVE TO Ed Turner for exercising his First Amendment right. I was at the concert in question, and he only expressed his opinion of the name change based on the love of his hometown.


RAVE TO ED TURNER for standing up for what he believes in. The First Amendment gives Ed the right to speak his mind, and I totally agree with him that he owes no one, especially Ricardo Azziz, an apology.


I HAVE BEEN TO six of the Number 9 concerts and have enjoyed every one of them. I think they are trying to use Ed Turner as a scapegoat because they cannot blame Azziz to his face.


FRED RUSSELL had better watch out for his job with Ricardo Azziz around.


BOUNTIFUL RAVES and thanks to the angels working in the OR recovery rooms on MCG’s Eight West.


DOES ANY Obama supporter know what $16 trillion really means? I’m not blaming him for all $16 trillion, but I am blaming him for adding to it.


A ROLLER COASTER ride of emotions was generated by your Aug. 25 headline: “We’re moving on.” First, joy and elation at the thought Azziz was talking about himself moving on. Then, great sadness to realize he is still entrenched in his indefensible position of supporting an unmarketable and unremarkable moniker for our venerated institution.


MY SUGGESTION: Augusta Medical and Arts University.


I TAKE PERSONAL offense at the remark made by Ricardo Azziz saying, “We are among the worst institutions for success in Georgia and have been for a decade.” What a degrading insult to all who graduated from either Augusta College or Augusta State and have made a total success of their lives.



Sun, 12/10/2017 - 19:42

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