Rants & Raves

RAVES TO THE Chronicle, University Hospital, Radio Station WAFJ, the Legends Club and all the vendors and other sponsors of the Women’s Wellness Expo. Everything was extremely well organized and very much appreciated!


TO THE MAN IN THE white Dodge Minivan at the Evans Walmart. I pray that no one ever talks to you like you talked to the child in your car. Nothing that he/she did could have been that bad for my family to hear you ranting across two lanes of parked cars! Thank you for a teaching opportunity for me to share with my children on how to NOT treat them.

PEOPLE KEEP FORGETTING that Bush tax cuts for the wealthy are still going on. If the ultra-rich folks would not step forward even during Bush’s watch years ago to help out the economy and create American jobs, where in tarnation can you think that we need to extend such tax cuts for the ultra rich for?

LABRADOR RETRIEVERS must be the gigolos of the dog world since most all pet adoption photos state that the dog in picture is a Lab mix.

HOW CAN WE FEED SOMEONE junk food for 15 years (through food stamps), and now Medicaid is paying for their gastric bypass? Taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for this!

EVERY CITIZEN OF THE USA needs to go see Obama 2016. It answered so many questions that I had. This is bigger than black/white liberal/conservative. The entire country has been duped. The film will leave you speechless.

PLEASE, SCOTT PEEBLES, come to Thomson, Ga., and apply for the chief of police position. The person in charge does not have a clue and is not state certified. Please help.

RANT TO THE Board of Regents. The board decided that the use of “Augusta” would project a community or regional school and not the national prominence they wanted. If this board had only looked 100 miles north they would see Clemson University, which shares its name with a village much smaller than Augusta yet has both national and international prominence that GRU will never achieve in our lifetime.

PEEBLES WAS most qualified to be sheriff. The cartoon in the paper depicting the nonvoter told a sad story. The next time we think that our vote doesn’t count, think again.