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IF ROMNEY DOESNT have to provide tax returns, then why should the president – which he did – have to produce a birth certificate?


A RAVE TO THE LADY working the drive-up at Krystal on Bobby Jones. She makes everyone smile.

I MISSED ALL THE anti-Obama rhetoric because of all of the fuss over the ASU name controversy. I want to thank all of the small-minded people for rekindling the fire.

THE EDITORIALS AND Opinion section of The Augusta Chronicle seem very biased. I thought the press was supposed to abstain from giving their personal opinions. Is conservatism racism by a new name?

I AGREE THAT welfare should be revised, especially since farm subsidies and a host of tax breaks to small business (welfare) are the part of welfare system that don’t get much attention. That way Americans can truly “build it” on their own.

I UNDERSTAND THAT the country is drowning in debt thanks in part to the previous leadership. What we can do as Americans and patriots is take a look at our personal finances and place some of that blame on ourselves for out-of-control spending and fiscal irresponsibility in our personal lives. Fix that first before placing blame on the country.

A RAVE FOR THE manager of the Fort Gordon commissary for caring enough to call me and address my problem. Thank you so much.

TOO BAD ROMNEY IS bashing on a proved lie about Obama. We ought to question Mitt’s citizenship since his money is out of country. So he has no reason to get to run this country, land of the free.

STATE EMPLOYEE insurance rates are going up but no mention of any raise. Before you roll your eyes and think that we are all overpaid, think again: Many of us are working with the mental health population at wages that are far below teachers, business workers and others, but we do so willingly.

DO YOU STILL want to give taxpayer money to oil companies? They export 117 million gallons of refined gasoline per day. They also export heating oil and jet fuel. Think about this. They make $82 billion a year in exports and get $4 to $5 a gallon here because the supply is limited. Romney got $20 million from them for his campaign.

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Wed, 11/22/2017 - 18:38

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