Rants & Raves

A HUGE RAVE to the lady at Kroger in Evans. On July 27, my mom and I were in line behind a nice lady. When it was our turn at the register, we found that she had paid for my mom’s groceries. Thank you, and may God richly bless you.



REGENTS? HA! It sounds like a cheap motel or a road house.


I BET DEKE will have a nice job waiting for him at MCG when he is no longer head honcho for Augusta. We’ll see.


I WOULD LIKE to know when the attacks on Richard Roundtree will stop. Before the election it was tax evasion. Now that the good ol’ boy has been defeated, it is vote buying. Something is wrong somewhere. And does it only take four votes to get a car … just four? Someone needs to wake up and smell the coffee.


CAN ROMNEY DO a better job than Obama? Anyone can do a better job than Obama.


MANY THANKS TO the young man who stopped on Hardy McManus Road in Evans to move the huge turtle across the road and out of harm’s way. You’re a good man.


RANTS TO THE woman in the group of about a dozen ladies who came to Chili’s in Evans. You made a loud comment that you told someone he “looked like a special needs kid.” What kind of uneducated clod are you to say something like that? Special needs children don’t “look” any different than the rest of us. And I can guarantee that the vast majority probably act better than you on any given day!


WHY DON’T YOU publish a picture of all golfers that win and not just Tiger?


IT IS EVIDENT that school spring break is determined by when Masters Week falls. (It) needs to be held way before that time or after the CRCT. Commissioners and BOE, take a look if we are to see improvements. Spring break does not need to be held at the end of the school year … Changes need to be made in order to see success in Richmond County.


RANTS TO THE Deans Bridge Walmart for the way the electronics section is arranged.


I WOULD LIKE to send a prayer out to the women that stole the air freshener (yes, that’s what I said) out of the bathroom at our store. I hope you have more respect for your patients than you do yourself.



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Winter wonderland comes to Augusta

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Rants and raves