Rants & Raves

RANTS FOR ALL THE people who walk into a place of business and take the “customer” newspaper that we provide for you while you’re waiting. This is so inconsiderate.



SINCE THE Medical College of Georgia doesn’t have the word “Augusta” in it, and nobody complained, maybe the bigwigs are wondering why we’re fussing now.


IN THE PAST FEW months, I have seen people in their cars with the window down smoking cigarettes at a gas pump. I have also witnessed a guy pulling up to a gas pump and getting out of his car and walking past a tanker truck smoking a cigarette. It is the fumes that ignite and not the liquid. There should never be any smoking near gas pumps.


RANTS TO ALL television networks, public and otherwise, for ignoring Gov. Nikki Haley’s address to the Republican National Convention.


IT IS A SHAME THAT the people who post on Augusta Chronicle are usually negative. They need to get a life, talk positive and quit knocking the ones who talk positive. I’m proud to be raised and living in Augusta.


WHY WAS AUGUST the wettest on record but the water level at the lake dropped? Is there no correlation between rainfall and lake levels?


THE RICHMOND COUNTY school board should have removed Dr. Wayne Frazier completely.


THERE ARE BIGGER plans afoot, plans that have probably been in effect far longer than you know, and Azziz is just the outsider brought in to do the dirty job of dealing with the local yokels. Once the medical school is relocated to Athens, and GRU is just a nursing, dental and allied health services school, Azziz will disappear (laughing all the way) back to La-La Land, whence he came, millions of dollars richer, and you will all still be stuck here in Augusta, home of the famous Masters Tournament, which, I am sure, if the powers that be could do it, they’d move that to Athens/Atlanta, too.


IT’S A FANTASTIC early warning system that Aiken County Sheriff’s Office has. We had a shooting in Belvedere and within minutes, all the residents were alerted by cellphones and land lines. We had the description and even clothes the suspect might have changed into. Praises to the people that came up with this.



Sun, 12/17/2017 - 19:23

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