Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



I HOPE FOR Augusta’s sake that Joe Bowles never runs or gets elected to be mayor of Augusta. The man has no filter between his brain and his mouth.


WHY NOT GET RID of Fred Russell and make Ricardo Azziz the city administrator, because he is running the city of Augusta.


RANT TO MARTHA BURK: Don’t take credit for the new invitations to the female members of Augusta National. That was 10 years ago.


WHO HIRED AZZIZ? Why is this question never answered?


A RANT TO THE administrators at North Augusta High School, who are refusing to buy lesson-plan books and grade-books for their teachers. What is the backup plan when the electronic grading system that is being pushed on everyone crashes or loses information?


AZZIZ SHOULD BE made to pay the legal fees in the dispute with the Regents University in Virginia. He should pay all the expenses out of his own pocket before he leaves town because we need to get him out of town also.


I CANNOT BELIEVE that Richard Roundtree with all his past mistakes can possibly beat out Scott Peebles. There must have been too many lazy people who did not go out to have their votes count. Now the rest of us have to suffer for them.


LEE ANDERSON’S oratory skills remind me a lot of the late Junior Samples from Hee Haw. However, I think if old Junior were still around he would perform better in the debates against John Barrow than Anderson will.


I HOPE ALL YOU people who sat on your backsides and didn’t go vote are satisfied now. The best candidate lost because of you.


RANT TO AZZIZ and regents who might be prepping to spend school money to retain their moniker in light of the Virginia lawsuit. Remember this when explaining higher tuitions and layoffs.


WE NEED RICHARD Roundtree to do a good job as sheriff. We need honesty. Check the police; some of them aren’t honest. We need to get things cleaned up here.


I THOUGHT I’D GO online to find out who is the president of what used to be Augusta State University. Then it dawned on me – I don’t know what name to search for.