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THIS COLUMN IS A JOKE. You invite people to express their opinion and then you fail to print them. The staff you have selecting items puts in what suits their fancy and discards the rest. Why not rename it the Staff’s Rants & Raves Column?

MAYOR DEKE COPENHAVER needs to understand that he is the mayor of the people of Augusta, not the mayor of Dr. Ricardo Azziz. Mr. Mayor, stand up for your people.

WHY DOESN’T President Obama do something to help with those wildfires? Those firefighters need help.

RICHARD ROUNDTREE MIGHT have won this round, but I doubt he will win the other. As a leader, no one will follow him. It has nothing to do with race; he just doesn’t have the leadership ability.

ANYONE WHO DOES NOT understand the concept of a stop sign does not need a driver’s license. Anyone who passes a school bus has no excuse except they just don’t care about anybody but themselves.

THE RECENT PROCESS of selecting a new name for the consolidated universities highlights one of the reasons why the general public has such a low opinion of public officials. They request public comment, spend enormous amounts on studies, ignore the comments and data, and then make a decision that they claim is based on all the alternatives.

CARRYING A GUN is a mark of manhood? Not in the home I was raised in! But if I speak out against people with that mentality, I get called a hater or a racist. Someone needs to change their view about things, and it ain’t me.

EVERY TIME IT RAINS, we live in fear that our yard will flood again. The county doesn’t care. They haven’t even been out here. It’s been 16 years now every time we get a good rain.

THIS IS A GIGANTIC RAVE and thank you to Sheriff Ronald Strength and his department for cleaning up the corner of Wrightsboro Road and Augusta Avenue. There are schools and churches nearby, and that type of activity did not look good in the neighborhood.



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Rants and raves

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Shutdown would hit Augusta hard