Rants & Raves

INADEQUATE PARKING AND DORMS, staff cuts, tuition raises every semester, add-on fees for everything, chronic absenteeism of the professors resulting in most courses being taught by students, staff afraid of being caught saying anything or making a decision ... and everyone’s energized to demonstrate a name change? Really?



THE PHOTO OF kindergarten kids carrying backpacks shows backpacks big enough for three kids. What do kindergartners need that’s so big?


IF ROMNEY DIDN’T say Obama is a socialist, he should have.


RAVE FOR MARY, who works at the North Augusta Walmart in the garden section, is always so nice and friendly to all of her customers. She is always willing to help others. Chris, who works in the jewelry section is also an asset to this Walmart.


TO THE SWEET LADY who found my grandmother at Rite Aid on Wheeler Road: Thanks to your quick action she was unharmed. She is 88 and suffers from Alzheimer’s. Words cannot express our heartfelt gratitude to you. You were her guardian angel that day.


RANTS TO THE middle-aged guy at the Y who takes the Metro section of the Chronicle to the bathroom every morning. The paper is for all YMCA members. No one wants it after you’ve taken it to the toilet!


T-SPLOST IS ONLY one month passed and politicians are already looking for excuses for what they’ll mess up next. The latest is that spending estimates were made earlier, so now who knows how much they’ll spend. There’s never an end to this. Meanwhile, in the 13-county CSRA, nine regions were smart and did NOT pass the additional taxes on themselves. And three regions were dumb and voted to take money out of their own pockets and hand it over to politicians.


I GUESS THE PEOPLE of Richmond County are happy now that there will be a new sheriff in town. Let’s see if he can clean up the city with his buddies gathered around him. Mr. Roundtree, I hope you know that being a leader is more than saying OK.


TO PARENTS who keep letting your precious children wander off ... watch your kids! I’m so sick of reading about all these toddlers drowning because YOU don’t want to watch them. If you don’t want them don’t make them!



Thu, 01/18/2018 - 12:39

Free school supplies event scheduled next week at Jenkins-White Elementary

Amerigroup Community Care will help local students restock their school supplies next week at Jenkins-White Elementary Charter School.

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