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I JUST WANT TO express my thanks to Claire in Dr. Brown’s office. Last month my mother called the office saying she needed an appointment but was confused; all she said was she needed a doctor. When the girl on the phone couldn’t get any info from my mom, she told her to stay where she was she would help her. She looked up my mother’s info, found me listed as emergency contact and called me at work. Claire was calm but firm; she asked that I call her or send a neighbor over to check on her. I left work and found my mother standing in her kitchen confused. I got her dressed and to the hospital. She had had a stroke. She called her eye doctor but couldn’t say what was wrong. Because someone went the extra mile, mom is in better shape. God bless you.


THE WAR ON WOMEN: It’s amazing that the liberals have hijacked the topic of abortion into a war on women. The real war on women occurs when millions of unborn females are slaughtered through abortion and justified through some false advertising campaign of women’s rights. The real war on women began when 700,000 women lost jobs under President Obama. I wonder how many also lost their health coverage when they lost their jobs!


THE U.S. Department of Agriculture – and other departments, e.g., Education, Health, FDA – were all unconstitutionally started to give politicians power over essentials of life, like food and learning and health and meds, while none of them are mentioned in the Constitution. Therefore, according to the 10th Amendment, the federal government has no authority over them.


IT APPEARS THAT according to the logic of Judge Culbertson, a killer can guarantee he won’t get the death sentence simply by hiring a lawyer who’s incompetent or who knows how to “make mistakes.” Where did justice go?


ISAKSON, CHAMBLISS AND Barrow pretend they don’t want cuts to the military budget even though that budget is slob fat with waste. Like a government, an army is stronger when it’s lean, not when it’s fat and wasteful. These guys seem to favor anything that doesn’t cut spending. It’s time to clean house in Washington.



Thu, 01/18/2018 - 12:39

Free school supplies event scheduled next week at Jenkins-White Elementary

Amerigroup Community Care will help local students restock their school supplies next week at Jenkins-White Elementary Charter School.

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