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A RANT FOR THE Richmond County Board of Education. The board allowed schools to open when the board had not even named principals or assistant principals.


WHY DOESN’T DR. AZZIZ just go ahead and admit that he has already ordered the new signs, stationery, etc., for Regents and can’t go back now?


MR. HOTCHKISS rightfully describes the Board of Regents as having “arrogant audacity.” (Azziz, also.) Such arrogance is enough in itself to fire every one of those people, except for the one who voted against the Regents University name.


IT MIGHT BE TIME TO rename our school district from Richmond County to Titanic because we are going down fast.


APPARENTLY, EMORY University has fudged some figures to make itself look hifalutin. Read any alumni magazine for many years and you’ll find a cheerleader magazine. As for this only coming out after the figure fudgers are all retired, hmmmm.


TRUE, GOD IS HAPPY to see you in his home whether you are wearing an evening gown, Bermuda shorts or even naked. The reality is that dress codes are part of our society and there is a time and place to show off your backsides, plunging necklines and midriffs, such as at the club, a party, or the beach. Have some class – if you can dress decently for work or school, you can cover it up for church.


CONDI RICE HAD no problem recognizing where Augusta National golf course is located. Dr. Azziz, don’t insult us to say Augusta has no national recognition. We have worldwide recognition.


THIS IS A RANT to the Richmond County Board of Education. If board members are so worried about the graduation of their students, maybe they need to talk to some of their teachers. I know for a fact that some of them are changing student grades so that the student will pass that class.


WHEN IS SOMEONE going to do something about people smoking out in Flowing Wells Road? It would be one thing if they were standing in the grass, but it’s a different thing when they’re out in the road.



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