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GEORGIA (I.E., ATLANTA) has always believed “anything of importance” in the state should be in Atlanta. They always wanted the medical college of the state. Thus step 1: Build a satellite campus in Athens. Step 2: Change the name of the college so it’s not identified with Augusta. Step 3: Build new and better facilities in other places – closer to Atlanta so Augusta facilities will soon become obsolete. Get it now?


EVEN CATHOLIC BISHOPS have joined in the president’s criticism of Paul Ryan’s plan for America and its total disregard for the social contract with middle America. Ryan is a conservative Roman Catholic Republican; and the American bishops are mostly very conservative and hardly friendly to our moderate president. It adds up to an unwise and radical Romney choice for vice president.


THIS IS A RANT FOR child support recovery. To be the most worthless outfit ever to be established in the history of America. My daughter has been trying to get her child support and back pay for five or six years. Two ex-husbands at $35 a week each and the court lets them get by every time. Please tell me where she can get some help?


HORRIBLE NEW COLLEGE name. Why can’t it be Augusta Regents University?


THE ROMNEY/RYAN team is what this country desperately needs to take action on the economy, deficit and control wasteful spending. This country is drowning in debt and the feelings of pride, dignity, honor and respect have vanished.


AS A GRADUATE OF THE former Augusta College many, many years ago, I feel that renaming it Georgia Regents University is totally ridiculous. Why didn’t someone suggest the University of Azziz or Azziz University, which is what he would have liked? Because none of the members of the Board of Regents live in Augusta, they should have listened to the native Augustans. It seems like Dr. Azziz has them in the palm of his hand. You go, Billy Morris! You’re the best!


THE AUG. 12 COLUMN BY Joe Hotchkiss was both entertaining and brilliant. He hit the proverbial nail squarely on the head. Mr. Azizz should listen to it.



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