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IN REGARD TO THE name change, I would suggest that people that did not go to Georgia Regents University simply not send money in when they request it this year. When they send out their little requests for money from alumni, I will tell them I did not go there. I went to Augusta College or Augusta State and let that be it. So they can just pass up on all that alumni money.


GHSU SPENT $45,000 on a survey about the name change, and then they ignored the survey. Dr. Azziz needs to go. He needs to go.


THE SOLUTION TO THE problem would be to have Dr. Azziz resign. He has created the problem. He is the problem. He is the negative. Start a movement to get him to resign.


THE $45,000 SPENT ON A phone survey to identify which university name was most popular was an irresponsible waste of money. It’s time to put matters to rest and use the name “University of Augusta.”


IT WOULD SEEM THAT Dr. Ricardo Azziz is out there alone. The omission of Augusta from his name for the new combination of ASU and MCG is ridiculous. Augusta has fought too hard for an identity and now a relative newcomer to the area has managed to push Augusta back into anonymity. Hopefully, some clearer heads will prevail and reverse this naming obviously borne from ignorance.


THIS IS A RANT TO the Richmond County Board of Education: Thank you for the new laser printer in my classroom. No thanks to the 300-copy limit per month. By the time I print my lesson plans (times four) , my daily reports, mandatory tracking, test results, letters to parents, RTI info and Individualized Lessons Plans, I have no copies left to print the math lessons we use in lieu of buying books. No wonder kids can’t do math; neither can the board. Whose relative at the board got this contract?


RANT TO AUGUSTA moviehouses. Where is Dinesh DeSouza’s new movie 2016? It came out Aug. 10. When will it be coming to Augusta?



Fri, 01/19/2018 - 11:18

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