Army willl be smaller, more agile in future, says its senior enlisted member during tour of Fort Gordon

The Army’s senior enlisted member finished a two-day visit to Fort Gordon on Tuesday with a quick tour of the classrooms on post.


Sergeant Major of the Army Raymond F. Chandler was friendly and open as noncommissioned officers led him through the humming computers and blinking equipment of a simulated combat outpost. He asked a few questions about the training that converts soldiers fresh out of basic training into information technology specialists, but his focus was more on quality of life.

As he shook hands and awarded commemorative coins, Chandler asked soldiers where they lived, their marital status and what they enjoyed about their career path in the Army. He offered encouragement to instructors and praised their work in training new soldiers.

“It’s important to take the time for soldiers,” Chandler said afterward. “It’s what makes our Army strong.”

He said that in five years the Army will be smaller and more agile but still a place to train high-quality leaders. The Signal Corps at Fort Gordon plays a big part in that picture, Chandler said.

“We’re looking at greater opportunities to expand … and other tools that make soldiers better at what they do,” he said. “The Signal Corps has a huge role in that.”



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