Rants & Raves

I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE who does not enjoy being called with a prerecorded candidate’s stump speech to return the favor and call their headquarters to let them know this digital harassment is neither appreciated nor apt to influence your vote in their favor.


DEMOCRATS IN THE Senate continue to push division through class warfare with their passing of the bill to increase taxes for all Americans making over $250,000. Their past follies of attacking the so-called rich have only hurt middle and low income Americans.

THE CSRA ROAD ANGELS Car Club gets a big rave from me for starting back the First Friday car show at Hooters on Wash­ing­ton Road. I’m glad you are doing it again.

LET ME APOLOGIZE TO Wright McLeod. Even though it made me sick to my stomach, I had to vote Democrat to vote for Scott Pee­bles. But one must do what one must do.

WHEN I CALL a place of business and I am prompted to enter a phone number or leave a message, I should not have to wait a week for someone to return my call. This business of not talking to a real person and taking care of a problem up front needs to stop.

STOP ALL THE ELECTION talk and bashing. People will vote for who they want. To try to educate someone on a politician’s record or promises is wasting your time.

RAVES FOR ALL who pitched in to help find Bo the dog, who went missing after the Interstate 20 bridge accident over the Augusta Canal.

“HATE” IS THE NEW most overused and abused verbal weapon, supplanting “racist” for first place. If you disagree with a particular group’s agenda, you are a “hater,” and if that group happens to be of a different ethnicity, you are labeled a “hating racist.” Once bold and meaningful words like this lose their power from misuse.

HOORAY FOR THE gun shop owner who got all those burglars shot! That’s what they deserve for ramming his business.

RE: THE DISRESPECTFUL so-called mourners in flip-flops and shorts: Best behave and stay away from my funeral. A carefully chosen person will make a very short speech and send all mourners on the way to hopefully tiptoe through tulips, swing in a park and do other lively things for the living as I would like to do. No tears, no clapping as I would not hear or see any of it anyway.



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Rants and raves

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McDuffie County man killed in accident