Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



NOV. 6 CAN’T COME soon enough to oust the entire Obama administration out of office. Time to clean house on the White House. Wipe the slate clean and make new beginnings. Restore this country back to the USA.


I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED with the Board of Regents for the lack of respect they have shown the citizens of Augusta. I am ashamed of you guys. You are totally tacky.


RANT TO RICHMOND COUNTY BOE. How come they no longer recognize employees with years of service certificates and pins?


SEEMS TO ME that I am more anxious to read The Augusta Chronicle the next day after the Braves win the night before even though I have heard every play of the game.


SOCIETY HAS REACHED a new low when people feel that wearing shorts and flip flops in church is OK.


THANK YOU TO THE GENTLEMAN WHO found my Social Security card at the Columbia County Department of Motor Vehicles. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.


RANT TO ALL YOU sheeple who are so passionate about Obama or Romney. None of these politicians give a rat’s butt for any of us.


I LOVE READING Sylvia Cooper’s columns. I called to leave a message on your voice mail one day, and you answered your phone and talked to me for about 15 minutes. I appreciate you talking to us simple people. You should run for mayor.


WHY CAN EVERY GROUP spout off about what they believe and they don’t want anyone saying anything against them without going crazy. But let someone say they go by the word of God and they go nuts. Christians are not going to hide our love for God under a bush.


FIRST FRIDAY’S GET DOWN Downtown Augusta deserves a big rave. Friends with Benefits, George Claussen and Lee Blitch did a fabulous job getting people downtown despite this rainy weather.


BIG RAVE TO THE person who anonymously paid for our three meals at Chick-fil-A in North Augusta Aug. 1. We really appreciated it.


GEORGIA REGENTS UNIVERSITY sounds like one of those online schools where you don’t even need to attend class. It is a ridiculous name.