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WAKE UP, AUGUSTA. The name “Medical College of Georgia” will be in Athens and we will be stuck with “Regents” or “regrets.”


RANT TO PEOPLE objecting to proper attire in church. If all you have to wear is Birkenstocks, a Masters golf shirt and Duckhead Bermuda shorts, then I say by all means go to church. If you have appropriate attire and you desire this to wear to church, then you are showing disrespect. Do you remember the phase “wearing your Sunday best”?


IT APPEARS THE LEFTISTS (Dems) in the U.S. Senate are softening the penalties for leaking confidential government secrets. How can they soften penalties for what used to constitute treason? And didn’t treason used to require a firing squad?


GEORGIA ARTS AND SCIENCES University (GASU) and Georgia Health and Sciences Univer­sity (GHSU) are the same except for “arts” in one title and “health” in the other. Is this a coincidence because otherwise it’s basically names that are alike? Certainly Dr. Azziz had no input in this decision. Yeah, right! This entire name change issue is totally needless and the expense will be in the millions. Augusta State University became a highly esteemed institute of learning under the leadership of Dr. William Bloodworth, and the growth of the campus has been outstanding. Who knows what the future holds for ASU?


MY MOTHER GRADUATED from the Junior College of Augusta in 1934. I graduated in 1972 from Augusta College. My son is a 2001 graduate from Augusta State University. The present ASU has gone through many changes during the years namewise and in growth but I still refer to it as Augusta College. The college was known as AC when I graduated and that’s the name I still prefer to call it. Guess I’m not good with change.


MY HEART GOES OUT to the family of Anthony Jones and especially to his mother, Janice Jones. What a tragic loss of this young man’s life at the hands of two lowlife thugs.


THE AD BY THE Obama campaign attacking Mitt Romney is shameless and sinks to a new low. Exploiting a man’s grief over the loss of his wife is disgraceful and totally out of line, but this is typical with anything associated with Obama. Blaming the death of this man’s wife on Romney is ludicrous and a vicious lie.



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Rants and raves

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