Campground management changes made at Thurmond

The Army Corps of Engineers signed a cooperative agreement with Outdoor Recreation and Outreach Inc. for the daily operations of five campgrounds at Thurmond Lake.


The Georgia nonprofit organization, which provides operations and maintenance for public parks and recreational facilities, will take over operation of Modoc, Petersburg, Raysville, Ridge Road, and Winfield campgrounds Oct. 1.

Although campers will not experience any significant changes in facilities and services, the new agreement will change the way camping fees are spent.

“Our park visitors will see very little difference in the way our parks are operated,” said Scott Hyatt, the corps project operations manager. “Instead of camping revenues going to the U.S. Treasury, this new agreement will allow fees collected at a campground to be reinvested in that particular campground.”

Fees will be used for maintenance, upkeep and enhancement projects at the

“This is a significant change that will help us keep the campgrounds in great shape and provide a source of funding for future
improvements,” Hyatt said.

The corps will continue to provide visitor assistance, perform maintenance and oversee all operations in the parks.

While other corps projects in the country use cooperative agreements to operate parks, this is the first of its kind for the corps’ Savannah District, which oversees three dam and lake projects on the Savannah River: Hartwell, Richard B. Russell and Thurmond.

“Declining federal recreation budgets in recent years require an innovative approach to operating our nation’s parks,” Hyatt said. “By collaborating with partners like OR&O, we can keep parks open and continue to offer quality recreation to millions of visitors every year.”

Thurmond Lake is one of the nation’s largest and most popular public recreation areas, with 151,000 acres of land and water. Each year, an estimated 5.5 million people use the many public parks, marinas, and campgrounds around the lake, making Thurmond one of the 10 most-visited corps lakes in the nation.

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