Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


I HAD THE BEST customer service ever from a pharmacy at Barney’s Pharmacy in Grovetown. They greeted me with a smile and called my doctor to clarify my prescription and called my insurance to check my copay. Way to go!

THE MCG SCHOOL merger name change continues to fill the news media. Is this just another power grabbing ploy to cover up the shenanigans going on behind the scenes? Stuff the public is never told about until it’s too late?

IT’S SO DISHEARTENING to see all the violence that goes on every day in our community; however, it does make me feel better when the good guys win. Bravo to Mr. Bayazes in North Augusta for defending his property.

IT IS TIME FOR courts to start coming down hard on these wannabe gangster crooks and thieves. The American people are getting fed up with it.

WHO WOULD WANT a diploma from Georgia Regents University? It sounds like a fly-by-night, low-class institution. I would not want to say I graduated from there.

THANK YOU, MR. Morris and the editors, for taking a leadership position on the merger of ASU and GHSU. You are correct; employees will be fired if they speak out. It is also known that Dr. Azziz announced that he would like 50 percent of all the administrators and chairmen of departments gone in the first 12 months. Who will be left to run the enterprise?

A RAVE FOR Enopion’s The Prince Is Giving a Ball at the Kroc Center. It’s an excellent play. If people haven’t seen it, they need to go see it. Especially the Christians need to get off their butts and go support this play based on biblical truths.

DR. AZZIZ NEEDS TO be sent back to where he came from. He’s obviously a bully. He bullied the Medical College of Georgia by changing the name into a name that was too long and too complicated. Now he’s bullied his way into changing two universities and wasting a lot of unnecessary money. That money that he’s wasting, just to make a name for himself, could be spent in a lot better ways. He needs to go. He’s proved overwhelmingly that he is a bully and he needs to go.

RANT FOR PEOPLE who have no job, don’t look for a job and collect food stamps, but you have money for tattoos, nice cellphones, a nice car, gas money, full time getting hair and nails done. Being a bum is starting to pay, it seems. Have everything but pride, I guess.



Rants and raves