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RANT TO THE DOT pickups who hinder people trying to get to work in the mornings. The drivers will run 45 to 55 with no consistency. Put the cellphone down, speed up or get out of the way, DOT.


I SUPPORT THE RIGHT of the owner of a franchise restaurant to publicly say anything he believes in. I also support the right of Fred Phelps of West­boro Baptist Church to publicly express his beliefs regardless of who they may hurt. However, I do not contribute to or attend Westboro Baptist Church. I will not spend my money at a restaurant that makes substantial financial contributions to groups that support discrimination against other law-abiding American citizens.


PLEASE STOP BLAMING children for their disrespectful and bad behavior. Blame lies strictly with the parents. The reason kids don’t respect authority is parents have no control.


I AM DISAPPOINTED that the medical college is joining Augusta State now and going to change the name to Georgia Regents University or some such name. Lots of ASU alumni don’t like leaving the name Augus­ta out. I still like the two colleges being separate.


ROMNEY HAS RECEIVED criticism concerning his recent trip to London, Poland and Israel. As far as Israel is concerned, at least Romney went there in support, which is far greater than Obama has done.


NO ONE CAN CAPTURE Obama in a cartoon illustration like Rick McKee. Several are on my fridge, which makes for a good laugh. Keep ’em comin’, Rick!


NO WONDER SO MANY doctors are no longer accepting Medicare and Medicaid patients. The reimbursements keep getting lower and the doctors are losing money.


IF SEN. HARRY REID states that Mitt Romney has not paid taxes in 10 years, then Harry needs to divulge his source. Either that or have the informant step forward. Har­ry may keep us in suspense to divert attention from the failed Obama administration.


THE GRASS HAS BEEN cut on Bobby Jones Express­way … and it looks great!


AUGUSTA UNIVERSITY of Humility? AUM. Humble University of Augusta? HUA.



Sun, 10/22/2017 - 17:59

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