Rants & Raves

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RANTS TO RICHMOND Academy teachers who park their cars along Russell Street. You make the lives of the people who live on Russell Street a living hell during the school year. With trucks delivering supplies to the school, buses picking up special students, and parents picking up their children, the traffic is three cars across this narrow street. This creates a very tight squeeze, which is dangerous.

HOW ABOUT A compromise for the new university name. How about Augusta Georgia Regents University or Georgia Regents University of Augusta? That should cover both.

SOUTH AUGUSTA USED to be very nice, but now it is such a rag. I do not care how many brick homes you put in that area, it does not amount to any value at all.

THE BOARD OF REGENTS thinks the new name is attractive to outsiders? I am a local and don’t want to attend. I am scared employers will think I went to an online college.

RANTS TO THE LAZY people who haven’t seen fit to take their new phone books in and have left them to be strewn around the neighborhood. Shame on you.

RAVES FOR THE YOUNG man standing on the corner of Belair and Columbia roads holding the Little Caesars Pizza sign. You are so entertaining to watch, my kids and I love when you are out there. Thank you.

RANTS TO THE unsolved January 2010 case of theft of $25,308.00 in public funds cash plus checks from the unlocked safe in the office of the Augusta tax commissioner.

STOP ALL THE talk about children out shopping or in restaurants misbehaving. Just because you think your child was a saint, what gives you the right to criticize mine? Most who complain don’t have children anyway, so don’t offer your advice.

A HUGE RANT TO the sheriff’s candidate who is not smart enough to know that we already give criminals second chances. It is called the First Offender’s Act.

A NEIGHBORHOOD IS only as good as the people who live there and take pride in it. If you want to stop the crime, turn in the crooks. Some people know a lot, but refuse to assist law enforcement in stopping crime. You can always be anonymous.



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Rants and raves

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