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THE CATHY FAMILY, owners of Chick-fil-A, have a God-given right to believe and have their opinions. We all have our individual rights and opinions. It is a thinking process. I like Chick-fil-A. It’s a good product, and I will continue eating there. What they are thinking is none of my business, and what I’m thinking is none of their business.

I KEEP SEEING commercials from AT&T about texting and driving. AT&T, make your phones so that the text function doesn’t work if the phone is moving more than 5 mph. Other phone companies, make your phone so it doesn’t text if it’s moving more than 5 mph. We won’t need these commercials.

I AM SO SICK AND tired of the First Friday mess. People, get a life. Put God first instead of feeding the devil on First Friday. Pick up your Bible. Have a Bible study, and let God do the rest.

THEY WILL SAY, “What will you have?” I will say, “Two dozen Chick-fil-A’s.”

THE WHOLE U.S. Constitution is no more than 16 pages long. Yet a single (unfinished) parking deck in Augusta requires “about 100 pages of documents.” There’s no reason for such confusion from government. Either it’s deliberate (criminal?) or it’s incompetent (dumb). Those are the only two choices.

ENOUGH! RICARDO AZZIZ needs to pack up his carpetbag and go back to wherever he came from.

I WANT TO KNOW why a “state-related’’ ballot question was not on my Columbia County ballot? Gambling on horse racing in Georgia. Even though I don’t gamble, should not every state-related question be on all county ballots?

A BIG RAVE TO Felande Ross for his courage in entering a burning house to save a 4-year-old child. Such a selfless, brave act says a great deal about the character of this young man. God bless him.

THE ARGUMENT THAT God doesn’t care what you look like is a valid point. However, you owe him the common courtesy of “dressing up” when you go into his house to worship and pray to him. It shows respect for him and also for yourself and your fellow worshippers. If you dress up to go out to some other social occasion you should do it for the Lord.



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Rants and raves

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