Rants & Raves

WHY WORRY ABOUT the lottery; it is doing just fine. Don’t play; it is your choice.


ONCE AGAIN I must submit a rave for the Richmond County mosquito control. Thank you, Jerry, for responding so quickly to my call. You guys play a huge role in keeping these voracious little insects tolerable during the summer and I simply cannot express enough how much it is appreciated.

A RAVE FOR Bryce Amerson, of Wrens, for his honesty and his grass cutting and yard work. A very nice person.

IT DOESN’T MATTER who is in charge – Democrats or Republicans – if you work for a living, you’re the one who loses.

I WENT TO WORK and came home and my road, Red Leaf Way, was paved. Thank you so much. It looks beautiful. And all you folks did a wonderful job in this terrible heat. You made my day and my road looks wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

SOCIETY HAS REACHED a new low when people feel that wearing shorts and flip-flops in church is OK. I am glad the small church that I attend has the respect to wear neat and appropriate wear. I believe this generation of slobs shows disrespect and laziness.

DR. AZZIZ, WE WILL still call it MCG like we call Clarks Hill.

I DON’T THINK metal thefts have declined at all. My scrap metal pile has been taken, but a single person took the Pontiac name plate off my vintage Safari station wagon, and that hurts.

THANK YOU TO the gentleman who found my Social Security card on Wednesday at the Columbia County Department of Motor Vehicles. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness; you brought it back in. Many blessings to you and your family.