Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



THIS IS A RAVE FOR the YES TSPLOST vote: Now the people who mismanage our tax dollars have more tax dollars to mismanage. Awesome.


THIS IS A RANT for Richmond County. How long do you leave that broke-down van in front of the Welcome Station?


OBAMA CLAIMS government is responsible for my success. That means government is also responsible for all our failures.


MY VOTE-REPUBLICAN-at-all-times philosophy backfired on me with Deal.


IT IS SO AMAZING how my white Christian friends’ true colors are showing since Obama was elected. They forget he had a white mother. I consider myself a Christian and I am white.


THE MATH I AND II scores posted for Richmond County indicate a total lack of teaching. The system has clearly failed its students.


A BIG RAVE to the Kroger stores for giving local teachers a bag full of school supplies on Tuesday. As a public school teacher, I often spend my own money on supplies. I am very grateful for this gift. Giving supplies to the teachers is a better use of resources as students tend to waste materials. Ask any teacher how many usable supplies are found in the garbage can at the end of the school year. Thanks again, Kroger.


I THINK DR. FRAZIER had done the best he could at Glenn Hills Middle School. If more parents were more involved in their children education and supporting the staff it would not be this difficult.


THE EFFORTS AND EXPENSES used just to name a “new,” merged college and med school are all about PR and have nothing to do with education. So, as spending goes up, learning drops. This ego-driven situation is so bizarre it could very well be controlled by the White House.


“GRU” FOR THE LATEST MCG name? Say it out loud a couple of times and listen. It sounds like a threatening insult growled by a caveman.


I LIVE IN NEITHER Georgia nor Augusta, but GRU for the merged schools is the most sophomoric choice I could ever imagine.


CHANGE THE NAME of MCG/ASU to Ricardo Azziz’s Downtown University. Doing so would solve many of the problems facing this
conniving and fickle-minded administration. The new name of this institute of higher learning will be grammatically correct, Azziz’s undoubtedly wounded ego can be amply massaged, and lastly, with a conglomerated university known as RAD U, the argument that Augusta needs to be more hip and cool is effectively dead.