Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



RANTS TO Comcast for refusing to provide service on Goolsby Road in Blythe.


WHY IS IT THAT Scott Dean had A LOT of press coverage over a child molestation case, yet others sitting in Richmond County jail for the exact same crime get zero press time?


MEGA RAVES TO Sgt. Quarles of the Richmond Co. Sheriff’s Department. After two deputies failed at getting a problem resolved, Sgt. Quarles solved the problem. Sgt. Quarles is certainly an asset to the department.


PLEASE STOP LITTERING our neighborhoods with the Sunday essential shopper. It’s trash and you are making our communities look bad. Anyone else throwing stuff out of a car would be ticketed for littering!


THIS IS A HUGE RAVE for Kroger. Thank you so much all of the wonderful supplies that you so kindly gave to teachers. We really appreciate you thinking of us and supporting us. The Kroger staff were so kind and well organized. Thanks again.


IN REFERENCE TO Georgia Regents University, the name reminds me of Regency Mall. In Webster’s dictionary, the definition of regency is a body of regents, a government consisting of regents. I disagree with the name. Regency Mall all went sour. Hopefully it won’t happen at this school.


YAY JAGUARS. The only good think about the new university name is that we can call it “GRR GRU” Go Jaguars! And they had better keep the name Jaguars. Yes I am issuing a personal threat. GRR! At least they didn’t name it “GASU.”


RAVES TO MR. SCOTT USRY of the Harlem Police Department. He goes above and beyond his duties to look out for people. He is a very firm, professional man, but he is kind and caring.


WHAT’S WITH FOLKS these days? Does anybody know how to act or dress in public? Have you people no common sense? Loud, rude. No wonder your kids are rug rats.