Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


THERE HAVE BEEN rants recently regarding married men talking/texting other women. If you are the “other woman” you are just as wrong as he is. Give his wife a call. I’m sure she will be glad to let you have him. Just remember, if he is cheating on her now, one day he will cheat on you too.

A FEDERAL COURT HAS ruled Georgia’s law banning guns in church is OK. Such a law only tells crooks where to go to ensure there’ll be nobody there to oppose you.

THE BUSINESS OWNERS in North Augusta are thankful to the voters in Richmond and Columbia counties who made it a little more expensive to purchase item in Region 7. It’s just a short drive across the river.

A HUGE RANT TO the cowards in Laurel Hills who keep shoving their noses into other people’s business. I keep my grass cut every 10 days and have just spent over $800 getting bushes cut and a little new landscaping done and you send me a letter saying I am not cutting my grass enough. Stop being a coward and busybody and put a return address on your letters or leave me alone.

ETERNAL GRATITUDE to Drs. Donald Townsend and Mitchell Berger along with the staff of Medical Oncology Associates for the 14 years of outstanding care during my father’s battle with cancer.

GOOD FOR THE Regents. Until Augusta cleans up, repairs its roads, gets on top if its crime rate and most of all eliminates a racist government, it has no business being part of what is becoming a full-fledged national university.

I LIKE GEORGIA Regents University better than University of Augusta. I love my city, but GRU adds a little more gravitas. I liked Georgia Arts and Science University better still, despite the GASU acronym. Let’s just move on and try to make it the best college it can be, Azziz or not.

RANT TO THE new name of Augusta State University. Omitting “Augusta” from the name is shameful because it has always been included from the time it was a 2-year junior college, 4-year college and when it became part of the university system. Dr. William Bloodworth should be very proud of all the accomplishments the college acquired during his reign.

I DON’T PARTICULARLY like the GRU name, but most of the people complaining about it would complain about any name change. It’s the way of the world. Take a deep breath and support our local university. It’s not that bad.