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I WAS DRIVING TO work on Bobby Jones Expressway. Just before I crossed Peach Orchard Road, a new, red Camaro and a tan or silver Cadillac passed me, one on each side, drag racing. It was as if my car were standing still. They must have been going in excess of 90 mph. Listen up, sheriff’s department: I travel the expressway every morning going to work and see a lot of speeders. You could really give out some tickets if you would just patrol this area more often.


OUR GRATITUDE GOES out to the Lincoln County EMS. Words can’t express the wonderful job and the kindness and respect that Casey Broom, Jordan Johnson, William Bradford and the 911 operator showed us on a recent morning. We want them to know that they were such a blessing and so very appreciated. Take pride in serving the county on a daily basis. May the Lord shine on each of you.


RANTS FOR AUGUSTA Regional Airport Authority. Please stop wasting your time, money and energy promoting the Augusta airport until you fix the pathetic and unreliable service provided by Delta Air Lines from Atlanta.


COLLEGE SPORTS HAS taken over colleges until the purpose of colleges is not to educate but to allow big money to manipulate people, no matter the cost to the victims. If Penn State and other colleges want to become places of education again, they would end all sports.


MY NAME FOR THE new university is Augusta National University. That will really be name recognition.


PETERSBURG SQUARE residents pay too much in rent to have your community looking like a landfill. Put your trash in the trash bin.


I WANT TO THANK the people who stayed with my daughter after she had a wreck on U.S. Highway 25 in Trenton. You do not know how much I appreciate your kindness. Thank the good Lord for people like you. God bless you all.


THIS IS A RANT FOR the Richmond County Board of Education charging an obscene amount for teachers to print from their computer. Six cents per page printed from a computer doesn’t include the cost of paper. Outrageous!


THE ABSURD DEBATE over naming the merged schools continues, but one thing is for sure. The word “humble” will never be used by these “leaders.” They never heard the word.


Tue, 08/22/2017 - 11:13

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