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RAVE TO THE ANGEL in a pink shirt at the Bobby Jones Walmart who, without hesitation, helped someone in a time of need and stress, I want to say thank you. Know that it will be paid forward as soon as I am able to do so again. You restored my faith in humanity today. I pray that many blessings will find their way to you. God bless you.


DR. FRAZIER HAD TO return to the Alternative School. Mrs. Cobb got to be the principal of Richmond Academy. She was not the principal of any secondary institution. She was the principal of an elementary school. Mrs. Beasley is moved from the principal of Laney to work at the board and then quietly moved to a school below the secondary level. The Richmond County Board of Education is not fair! Dr. Roberson is back, but they seem to still be suffering from a lack of leadership.


BEING CRAZY SHOULD not be a defense to avoid the death penalty. If a person gets caught red-handed by dozens of witnesses, most of whom have cellphone or other types of cameras, that person should forfeit all legal defense and be turned over for sentencing.


YOUR EDITORIAL SAYS the Georgia Lottery must be run like a business to get more money for scholarships. Generally, that editorial makes sense, with one exception. The whole lottery thing is still a mobster’s numbers racket. End the absurd lottery. It gives more money to politicians while it encourages gambling against ultra-long odds. Look at your state representatives and senators who support the Georgia Lottery. Now look again and ask if they look anything like Al Capone.


I HAVE ATTENDED several funerals in the past few months, and these are a few of my observations: 1. People do not stop and pull over for funeral processions. 2. Shorts and flip-flops are acceptable attire. 3. Just because a funeral has a set time to start – you can come and go whenever. 4. Crying newborns and infants are welcome. 5. The shorter the dress the better. Where has respect gone?



Fri, 11/17/2017 - 13:50

Two arrested in Burke County drug bust