Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


I GUESS MITT WAS stumping outside the USA because that’s where he’ll send our jobs.

RANT FOR THE idiot that thinks everybody against Obama is racist. What do you call people who vote only for the black candidate because he is black and no other reason?

YOU ANTI-OBAMA people are really clueless. He’s gotten us out of two wars Bush dumped us in, and he’s trying to get ahold of almost $15 billion dollars unaccounted for spent when Bush cronies benefited by not having to bid for war business.

SO ROMNEY TAKES CARE of a fancy horse, including massages, while he puts his dog on the roof of a car. Sounds like his Republican Party, which wants the millionaires and billionaires taxed a lot less than the not-rich-at-all folks. That shows you how unfit he is for leading our American country.

HUGE RANT TO the Chi­cago mayor. Their murder rate is so awful, and yet he’s complaining about Chick-fil-A’s president expressing an opinion on family units?

WHERE CAN I get sensitivity training? I think I’m a homophobe and love eating at Chick-fil-A.

MY ADVICE TO Chick-fil-A: Walk out of Boston and Chicago and shake the dust from your sandals.

SO, OBAMA URGES tighter background checks on gun buyers. Do our elected officials really believe that more extensive background checks will keep guns from the hands of criminals?

A RAVE TO THE SWEET LADY in the Food Lion parking lot on Wrights­boro Road about three weeks ago. I commented on the fragrance of perfume she was wearing, and she kindly went to her car and gave me the bottle. This just shows that color is not a factor when it comes to nice people, even in Augusta.

WHAT HAS CONSOLIDATION brought to south Augusta? Trash and filth lining the streets. Undesirables living in your neighborhood. Dead animals rotting on the main highways. Plummeting property values. I say let’s “un-consolidate!”

RAVE TO MR. NAGLE for leading our school system for the past years. I know I will be sorry to see him retire at the end of this year. He seemed to have the teachers’ best interests at heart as well as the students. Thanks for your service, Mr. Nagle!