Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


GOD DOESN’T LOOK at the outside of men; he looks at the inside of a man. That being said, it does not really matter what one wears to church as long as it is decent. Jesus wore sandals and a robe. Are you going to condemn him also?

RAVES TO THE OWNER and operator of the Glenwood Community Pool. It is beautiful, well-maintained, affordable and open to all.

THIS IS A RAVE FOR the customer who called to cancel my Internet service repair visit but still invited me over for some coffee and coffee cake. What a nice guy! I wish all customers were that friendly.

THE RICHMOND COUNTY Board of Education is the worst of all good old boy systems. People get promotions and raises based entirely on who their friends are or what sorority they belonged to. Institutionalized incompetence. Shameful.

CAN YOU IMAGINE A world with no lawyers? No frivolous lawsuits making everything go up, no iceberg legal assistant, no lawyers in D.C. and none of them becoming judges and screwing up the Supreme Court.

THERE ARE TOO MANY people in Augusta who water after 10 a.m. and before 4 p.m. because they do not know any better. The water bill provides a Web address to find the watering hours and car-washing days.

RANTS TO THE PERSON who commented on what a person was wearing to church. Shouldn’t we be more concerned about their souls instead of shorts and flip-flops?

ALL THAT RUBBER you see on the side of the road are not trucks having flat tires. It is recapped tires off of these semis.

RAVE TO DOCTORS Hospital 5West. Ms. Griffin is caring and pro­fessional and goes the extra mile for her patients.

A BIG RAVE FOR the citizens of Richmond County who graciously donated food at Kroger on July 21. The Salvation Army and Richmond County deeply appreciate your generosity. Raves to the citizens of Columbia County, too.

WE DO NEED GRASS police, otherwise known as code enforcement officers, because people who take care of their property are sick and tired of seeing their property values go down because people are not taking care of their property. Cut your grass at least in the front yard.



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