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WHAT IS WRONG WITH our judges today? It is ridiculous to let murderers walk the streets. Who knows when they are going to kill somebody else? Get these judges out who are letting these criminals walk the street.


IF OBAMA WAS attacking the economy problems like he is Romney, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in now.


THANK GOODNESS for President Obama and the Democrats. They ended three wars in 3½ years’ time. I hope President Obama will bring the rest of our troops home. I don’t know anything Mitt Romney did about the war. It isn’t all about the economy. We need a president for the war and the economy. Obama is the right man.


I HAVE A HUGE rave for Olivia, Julie, Karen, Deborah and Shonda at University Hospital’s Women’s Center. They gave me the best experience possible while I was there having my baby boy. Nicest set of women I have ever come in contact with. Thanks again, ladies!


WHAT IS THE reason for keeping autopsy reports secret? Other than maybe something to do with an upcoming trial, does it make sense? To claim that an autopsy report is a “medical record” is meaningless since the patient is dead. He needs protecting from neither man nor government.


IT LOOKS LIKE THE Republicans are no longer the party of Lincoln. They are going full tilt to re-establish the post-Civil War Reconstruction era. Since they cannot get a poll tax or other previously used illegal way to block African-American votes, they are pushing with all their might to purge voter lists very selectively prior to the election to prevent legitimate American citizens from being able to vote.


THE MORAL COWARDS on the Georgia Supreme Court gave a stay of execution to yet another killer. If you are a law-abiding citizen, judges are not your friends.


RANT TO OUR SHERIFF, who unfairly blamed the media. Switching the blame, like a child. I would like to see them go downtown with their families for dinner and encounter the same things we do when we try to support businesses there.


FORGET THE GUNS, control the ammunition!



Fri, 01/19/2018 - 21:23

Rants and raves