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RAVES FOR THE Augusta Mall security people for their hard work in helping to ensure safety for mall patrons and workers! Keep up the job. And I sure wish they could be supplied with Tasers, though I understand if someone has a heart condition that can prove extra hard on them. But then people can’t go around bothering other folks and committing criminal acts, so go ahead and Taser those brazen criminal fighters!


I SEE A CONVICTED felon got to escape just the first year of an eight-year sentence. Why was he let loose with no close supervision in that very first year? And apparently without any ankle monitor?


I’VE HAD A VERY DISTURBING, reoccurring dream lately. I can’t use my smart phone to make a phone call. As I’m “dialing” the number, the Internet or e-mail or text messaging or a movie or GPS directions or photos pop up. All I want to do is make a phone call!


THE TRAGEDY IS NOT that James Holmes used legally purchased handguns and legally purchased ammunition to kill people and injure others. The tragedy is that James Holmes chose to kill people and injure others.


TO THE INDIVIDUAL WHO chooses to scold the men who attended West Acres Church wearing shorts and flip-flops – at least they attended church! My God doesn’t care what you wear as long as you are worshipping his name!


OBAMA BELIEVES government gives you success. Where is mine?


SINCE WHEN DID God say you had to wear a certain thing to get into church?


I AM SICK OF getting multiple calls from credit card companies telling me they can reduce my credit card rates. I don’t have credit cards. How can we stop this from happening?


WE HAD YOUNG people coming to our houses representing politicians and wearing shorts, T-shirts and flip-flops. They should dress a little bit nicer since I don’t know these people.


I THINK IT IS strange that gay people spend so much time talking about their sexuality and parading up and down the street. Why don’t they keep it to themselves?


RANTS TO PEOPLE AT tanning beds. I know it is your job to sell your high-priced lotions, but quit aggravating people when they walk in.


AUGUSTA DOES NOT have “gangs.” Try going to Chicago.



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