Rants & Raves

Comments from readers.



ONE OF THE FEW solutions to gangsters invading Augusta is to put those thugs on real chain gangs. Politically correct politicians and judges refuse such sensible and proved methods, so vote them out.


I JUST WANTED TO commend Olivia Bernard, the Girl Scout who used a questionnaire about the symptoms of COPD and made arrangements to have up to 100 potential sufferers tested and identified so they could seek further advice. This was one of the most useful Gold Award projects I have heard about in any community. I wish her continued success.


TO THOSE WHO RANT about gun control, in light of the recent tragedies, bad people who do lawless things do not get their guns by legal means, so there will still be bad people with weapons. If, however, there had been good legal law-abiding citizens in the theater, with legal guns, then perhaps they could have taken this deranged person out before he killed as many as he did.


YOU SEE LANDSCAPING companies adopting areas along the road; why don’t they adopt a school? It would be great advertisement for the business and help the local schools at the same time.


IT LOOKS TO ME as though someone could come up with a way to patent grass that will not grow over 2 inches tall. They have dwarf plants and trees. It sure would make a lot of people happier not having to mow grass anymore.


A BIG RAVE ON having inmates pay for their own extras, even toothpaste and soap and extra foods. Now if we can put the nonviolent ones to work for several hours a day on something such as growing gardens, they can help the prison system and maybe some food banks save even more money. We have plenty of abandoned properties with nothing but grass growing on them that needs to be cut.


SCHOOL LEADERS SAY it’s “very impressive” that “more than half (Columbia County students) passed Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests retest.” First, it’s disgraceful to even need a retest. Second, more than half here still means maybe 60 percent.


WHY DOESN’T THE Washington Road IHOP move into the old Shoney’s on Martintown Road in North Augusta? I’d love to have them in our neighborhood!