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A CITY MEETING about the First Friday shootings included some genius wanting “to get positive PR about downtown.” It works the other way. First, a civilized Broad Street, then good PR follows.


DID THEY NOT consider the acronyms before announcing the final three name choices for the new school? Georgia Arts and Sciences University would forever be known as GAS-U.


I APPRECIATE THE crime map The Chron­icle is offering, with a big thank you to the Richmond County Sher­iff’s Office for providing it. I hope they will be able to continue it and keep it up to date on a weekly basis. Sort of makes one keep on guard.


CAN ANYBODY EXPLAIN why gas prices go down in pennies, but go up in nickels, dimes and this week, a quarter?


RAVES TO WILLIE Peterson, of Harlem. He paid for my breakfast, and I am grateful that someone can be kind to a senior citizen. God bless you and your family today.


YOUR PICTURE OF the father and child in the fountain should be entered in a contest. It shows a young man spending time with his son and the love that is between the two.


RAVE FOR Augusta Cares. Thank you.


HOORAY FOR THE Boy Scouts for standing by their policy and their principles.


WE WOULD LIKE to thank the angel, a warrant officer, at the Fort Gor­don commissary for paying for my husband’s groceries. We don’t know his name, but we really appreciate what he did. This happened July 18 at 4:45 p.m.


I REALLY LIKE to go to the downtown farmers market. It has good vegetables, good tomatoes – they even sell coffee and plants. But if First Friday gets mixed into the farmers market on Saturday, a lot of seniors are not going to go because we don’t want to go to a place that is not safe.


HOLLYWOOD HAS taken a moral decline on the value of marriage. There is no value in a marriage in Hollywood. Those people out there are sick. They marry for money. They don’t marry for love. They don’t even know what love is.


A HUGE RAVE to Rick McKee on his political cartoon – seeing the encouragement of a great president, Ronald Rea­gan, as opposed to our president of today.



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