Rants & Raves

RAVE TO RICK MCKEE for the cartoon on July 14 illustrating Secret Agent Barack Obama.


TO THE PERSON who wanted to publish the names of all the people who give money against the president: I would like to see all the names of people on welfare and Section 8 published. I would like to put some shame into all of those people who are stealing money from all us hard-working people.

RANT TO THE deteriorating morals and neatness I witness on television and everywhere I go. Disgraceful females have allowed fashion and style to dominate their lifestyles rather than neatness. Their modernistic hairstyles look worse than the head of a mop and usually cover one or both eyes and are a safety hazard, especially while driving.

ON JULY 16 at 4:50 p.m., my wife’s leg gave out at the second-floor elevator at University Hospital. I was really surprised at the number of people who showed up and assisted us. Anybody who has anything negative to say about University Hospital, don’t say it in front of me.

I WOULD LIKE to know if you think it is right to call yourself a preacher if you lie, call your wife bad names and if you do drugs.

THE CHRONICLE IS so sexist. You will frequently give scores for the men’s games but not for the women’s game. Today, July 17, the men’s Olympic team played after the women’s team, but the men’s score was in the paper and the women’s was not. Typical.

I JUST CALLED Home­land Security to report illegal workers building houses in Columbia Coun­ty. They told me that they need their name, address and age before they can investigate. I told them I can’t give them that information because they don’t speak English.

RAVES TO THE Augusta-Richmond Library for hosting Carmen Deedy! It was exciting to spend an hour with the renowned storyteller and children’s author.

THE JULY 12 STORY on Easter Seals brought back some good memories. In a rough time in my life, when I had trouble getting out, someone suggested Easter Seals’ workshop, where I was given tasks for minimum pay. But in being with others and getting out, I was able to improve. Now I try not to forget Easter Seals in my donations. They didn’t forget me.



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