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SO A WISCONSIN GROUP is championing the separation of church and state evaluation of Augusta’s use of city resources to promote and plan monthly prayer breakfasts? It must be nice to have all of Wisconsin’s problems and complaints resolved so they have the money and time to branch out and advise other states and cities.


RAVES TO THE Board of Education workers and inmates who cleaned the campus at Richmond Academy in the brutal heat. A special rave to Helen Minchew for making this happen. ARC alumni are very appreciative.


RAVES TO AUGUSTA State University and WJBF for The Best of the Class 2012. And especially for Todd Gay of Channel 6 for doing such a wonderful job.


I LIKE OUR PRESIDENT. I want him to go back into office. Vice President jOE Biden should retire to spend time with his family. Hillary Clinton should be appointed by Obama as his vice president.


WHY IS EVERYONE so quick to put down Peach Orchard Road and south Augusta? Go to the Applebee’s on Washington Road and you can hear the same sort of vulgarities.


THE REASON WHY you have no respect for our president is that you are nothing but a racist. Period.


HARD TO IMAGINE why Republicans who call themselves conservatives are upset because the government is taxing people who won’t take responsibility for paying for their own health care.


WHY DO THEY ALLOW people to hold their dogs when they are driving in their vehicles? That is an obstruction. That is almost like holding a baby while you are driving. I don’t understand why that is not a law.


MAYBE THE PARENTS OF kids who break the curfew should be hit with a $100 fine for not keeping track of their kids. The city could raise some money so we can have more police.


RANT TO THE code enforcement officer who walked into the house and is now making excuses. If he had walked into my house, I would have shot him. He had no right to do that.



Sun, 12/17/2017 - 19:23

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