Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


YOUR EDITORIAL SAYS if you oppose the special purpose local option sales tax for transportation, it’s because you’re “emotional.” When governments at all levels keep inventing new ways to con tax money out of those who earn it, it’s fact, not emotion.

I WOULD LIKE THE public to know it is not the public schools or the teachers that are the problem. It’s the disruptive students who know there will be no real consequences for their wrongdoings.

A RANT TO ALL THE ill-mannered people who feel compelled to use their cellphones in restaurants or other close quarters. I seriously doubt you have anything to talk about that could not wait until you are done.

THE RICHMOND COUNTY Board of Education again showed how out of touch they are with the real needs of the schools. Getting rid of the paraprofessionals who are necessary and losing public safety officers who are really needed in our schools, yet they keep the instructional/graduation coaches who are taking up teacher positions.

A BIG RAVE FOR Au­gus­ta Cares and Ani­mal Services for the prompt response to my call regarding a dead dog on my property. The call was made in the morning, and by the afternoon the dog was removed. By the way, this dog was big and it took two Animal Services units, in 100-degree heat, to tackle the job.

A RANT TO ALL MARRIED men who text/talk to other women. I don’t fault you for cheating, but at least follow through with your word in the end. Stop making false promises.

PLEASE SHUT DOWN First Friday until the winter. Let everyone cool off and maybe the police can figure out how to stop the thugs from taking over by that time.

RAVES TO TONYA Bonitatibus, the Augusta Riverkeeper, and all the workers who helped to move the old houseboat from the river. I know it was two days of hard work. We really appreciate your dedication.

A RANT FOR THE bicyclists that go through the stop signs that connect the Greeneway in North Augusta. You are an accident waiting to happen, and no one wants to hit you. Twice, I’ve been in Knollwood subdivision, and thank God, the times these cyclists come flying through the stop signs, I was not close enough to hit them. Be aware to stop, please.