Rants & Raves

RANT FOR OBAMA. Obama had nothing to do for the oil prices coming down. Sarah Palin was responsible for this when she got up and told the country how we were being ripped off by the oil companies.



I THINK IT IS STRANGE that straight people spend so much time thinking about gay people. Why don’t you just mind your own beeswax?


THIS IS A RAVE for the neighborhood watch association on Fairbluff Road. Everybody responded, banded together, armed ourselves and helped the Richmond County Police Depart­ment track down a car thief and a drug dealer who is now in custody in most part thanks to the neighborhood watch. And let this be a warning to all the rest of you criminals, stay out of our neighborhood because we are armed and ready, and we will work with the police department. We are tired of you guys. Your day is over. We are taking our community back.


RANTS TO THE traffic engineering department. They need to find somebody to figure out how to synchronize the red lights better, especially on Central Avenue from Daniel Village to Druid Park. At 8 o’clock in the morning when you are headed to work or school, you have to stop at every single red light.


JUNE UNEMPLOYMENT for blacks was over 14 percent, absolute proof that Obama has no loyalty to minorities.


GOV. HALEY REMOVED millions from her budget. Good for her! Idiotic reps/senators insist that they can spend money – they call it “investing” – when one, there is no money left, and two, when the “investments” are not things that are the business of government.


FOLKS, WE HAVE AN opportunity July 31 to send a message to the politicians: “No increase in our taxes” – not sales taxes, not property taxes, No taxes, period!


A RANT TO THE folks who complained about the winner of Mexico’s presidential race giving gift cards for a vote. The Democrats in the U.S. have been doing that for years. They are called EBT cards.


NOT ONLY ARE THESE so-called worship centers on every street corner scams, people are posing as ministers without any formal education. Who is policing these places to ensure they are adhering to the same laws as respectable places of worship?