Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



AS A LOYAL University of Georgia fan, I am so thankful we have a moral, Christian man like Mark Richt to lead our football team. The undisciplined, immature Isaiah Crowell’s true colors finally came out. No matter his God-given talents, he will never wear the red and black again.


I THINK THOSE who whine the loudest and longest about rich people not paying their fair share of taxes come from the same bunch who collect welfare, food stamps, free phones, free Internet, free housing and free health care.


A RAVE TO THE CERN scientists as they appear to drop the Higgs boson on our heads. Good. As science progresses, religion regresses. It’s only a matter of time before science tells us why there is something (time, space, matter, etc.) as opposed to nothing. Charles Darwin amazed us with his Origin of the Species in 1859. Albert Einstein amazed us from 1907-1915 with his theory of relativity. Watson and Crick amazed us with DNA in 1953. Those are examples of something that science gives us that religion can’t and never will – knowledge!


IT WAS NICE SEEING John Barrow on Fort Gordon honoring our troops and celebrating the Fourth of July with them. It was great to shake the man’s hand and wish him luck.


THE NEW SCRAP METAL laws will fill the landfills with metal, prevent some small scrappers from making a living and force some larger metal dealers to lay off people. If a stove is found on the side of the road, how in the world do you get a receipt?


ANYONE CAUGHT burglarizing homes in Colorado should be shot on sight.


ANYONE FEEDING POOR little alligators should be made to move from the neighborhood for putting their neighbors in danger. They should also be fined a good bit for the stupid activity.


CHILD PORNOGRAPHY IS the most hideous thing in the world. It harms the most innocent. Why not legalize drugs and go after the really bad people?


PAINE COLLEGE WON’T even pay enough for a good accountant to run the place. They think they can do it themselves. How wrong they are.


WHAT IS GOV. Nathan Deal thinking? Signing a law that reduces punishment for crimes. I voted for this man. Sheesh.