Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


I WAS LISTENING TO THE news, and they said which cooling stations were open for people without air conditioners or fans. Isn’t it a little ridiculous to tell them to go online and see the hours when the majority of people who need the cooling centers do not have Internet?

IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM at Applebee’s on Peach Orchard Road all you have to do is notify the manager and the problem will be taken care of. I recommend this place to anybody.

RANTS TO Richmond County Sheriff’s Office. Don’t be bullies with badges. It is brutality in Augusta. You need to learn to use Tasers instead. I won’t vote for anyone unless they agree to have Tasers instead of police brutality.

JOHN ROBERTS SHOULD resign from his U.S. Supreme Court duties. At minimum, he should resign from his duties as the chief justice.

I AM AN E EDITION subscriber and while I love the E Edition I also follow updates throughout the day. I however wish that as I’m reading the updates The Chronicle would lose the pop-up ads on the page. It is very annoying.

HAS ANYBODY FIGURED exactly who is behind Azziz?

FOUR NEW ORLEANS Saints players apparently accepted extra pay to maim opposing players. That’s gotta be a whole list of felonies. Yet they are only penalized by not being allowed to play for several games; and in so doing they scream THEY were denied justice.

BIG RANT HOW MANY PEOPLE waving the flag know they were made in China?

THERE ARE TOO MANY abuses of handicap parking spaces. A rave for Deputy Jack Rackliff for pursuing an illegal parking situation outside the “Y” on Broad.

ALWAYS SAD WHEN a leftist who has no argument starts calling sensible people names – “reactionaries” being one of their favorites.

A RAVE FOR Eisenhower Army Medical Center. I arrived at the Emergency Room recently with chest pains. The staff and doctors from Family Practice were absolutely outstanding! A first class hospital and staff. Sincere thanks! Keep up the good work!