Rants & Raves

I WAS TOTALLY disgusted when I opened up The Augusta Chronicle and saw a half-naked man on the front of it. Please use better taste. The baby was absolutely precious, but the half-naked man was disgusting.


IT SEEMS LIKE there’s a lot of bullying going on in Richmond County schools and the kids are taking pointers from the teachers.

WRIGHT MCLEOD (GOP candidate opposing Democratic Rep. John Barrow) says “there is need for a (taxpayer paid) safety net.” A safety net is always a benign-sounding term that ends up forcing more socialism on us.

WITH ALL THE NAME changes with the colleges, I think we need to change “Augusta” to “Azziz.” Go ahead and give him the city; he is changing everything else.

TO THE PERSON who wanted the churches to start paying taxes: If the 50 percent of people who pay no taxes would start paying their fair share, we would not have to worry about the deficit.

IT IS TIME FOR churches to pay taxes on their property. They have these big fancy churches that don’t pay nothing. Nothing but rich people go to these churches.

I WAS HAPPY to read that Mississippi was passing a law against abortion clinics. I am hoping Georgia and South Carolina will follow suit. No problems are solved by killing babies.

A BIG RANT TO THE parents who left their 10- 12-year-old son behind at the Golden Corral.

I THINK THE teacher suing for discrimination needs to get an attorney. Don’t try to fight it yourself. I represented myself in the Richmond County courts and lost.

I WORK IN AN all-you-can-eat buffet. Just because they say one size fits all doesn’t mean that one size fits all. Please look into a mirror before you go outside.

I THINK SCOTT DEAN is innocent. I am a native of Columbia County. Judge Blanchard should have given him a new trial.

I WATCHED THE BET Awards and I was so disappointed in the terrible language. I was also so proud of gospel singer Yolanda Adams for telling all these “stars” to be responsible.

WALTER WILLIAMS should have a place in Romney’s cabinet.