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THE FEDS ARE TELLING Georgia how to run Georgia’s elections. It’s time to tell D.C. to take a hike.

IRONIC THAT SO MANY are willing to throw away millions and leading up to billions of dollars for ads against our president. They could be paying their taxes and other fees fairly with those monies to help out the economy. I want the publication of the names of all those foolish people who put in millions and billions into the super PAC ads. Let’s shame those rapscallions!

ABOUT THOSE LETTERS requesting contributions that have nickels and dimes in them, I have given a number of times but sometimes I don’t and I just stick the coin in my pocket and go on with life.

I AM A CROSSING GUARD in Aiken County over 15 years. I’m just thankful that I have a job. Who in the world gets three months’ vacation with pay?

THE WORLD HAS never been a more dangerous place. America is navigating treacherous waters; the economy has one foot in the grave and the other one on a banana peel and we elect a president because of his likability, charm and personality. Lord help us.

THE PARENT WHO criticizes the players and the coaches at Evans High School is only hurting her child, who is a good, sweet young man. Baseball is for the kids, not for the parents.

THE LEADERS DIDN’T want a name they would have to explain. Would you agree, A&M is much easier to explain than GHSU?

THE ARTICLE ON PAINE College was very nice but over all those years did they not produce a few accounting majors that could have managed their financial affairs and properly handled the vital paperwork and accounting?

GOV. DEAL WANTS TO “reform” prisoner education. This will just be more tax and spend. If ex-convicts would take labor jobs, the illegals would have no jobs so they’d go back to where they’re legal. Deal wants “programs” that teach construction, maintenance, etc. The best way to learn such a job is to begin as a laborer, and that takes no training – just self-discipline.

I THINK IT IS TIME this country stands up to Obama and his cronies and starts talking impeachment. What he has done, no other president has done. He has disregarded the Constitution more than once.



Sat, 01/20/2018 - 21:01

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