Announcing All-Access membership model

Dana T. Atkins is president of The Augusta Chronicle.

Dear Valued Subscriber,


For 227 years and tens of thousands of editions, The Augusta Chronicle has been the source for news in the Augusta area. Until the mid-1990s, our focus was on publishing every day on one platform – the printed newspaper. Now, we publish all the time and on multiple devices.

As our loyal subscriber, you will benefit from this growth. Beginning today, you will receive several enhancements to your subscription to The Augusta Chronicle print edition, as it becomes an All-Access membership.

This improved format includes a modest price increase of 85 cents per week, however, we’ve taken numerous steps to ensure the increase is offset with tangible added-value initiatives.

This new “membership” means you have unlimited and exclusive access to all premium digital content online and through our tablet and smartphone apps in addition to your ongoing print subscription.

We also are adding expanded news and content:

• More news and commentary in our newly expanded Sunday Opinion section.

• More public safety and crime reporting to include more in-depth stories.

• More coverage of local news and events.

In addition to enhanced content, you will receive discounts and deals available only to All-Access member through our new Member Rewards program.

We keep changing and adapting.

The world of news and information keeps changing. The recent technological advances bring us great convenience, at our fingertips, in the form of smartphones, tablets and an array of social media channels. We are here to help you navigate this new and exciting access to news and information.

For the media, this new digital age also has sparked enormous change. It has required us to transform rapidly, restructure our staffs and develop new skill sets to deliver information in more efficient and effective ways. We are working to keep up with the most digitally savvy readers, who are a big part of our future.

YOU have made us the No. 1 local Web site for news, downloaded more than 20,000 Chronicle mobile apps and followed us – and our staff – on Facebook and Twitter.

The free nature of the Internet created a significant challenge to our old business model – an issue we have discussed with you before. In 2010, we stopped giving our content away and started charging for access to our premium content online. That change leads us to today. We have listened to you and we have heard you loud and clear: You use us interchangeably in all our forms and your subscription should allow the same diversity in access. Now, if you subscribe to The Augusta Chronicle in any way, you get it all – print and digital – an All-Access membership. We will no longer have print-only subscriptions.

Today: Your home delivery print subscription will transform into an All-Access membership.

You will have immediate, unlimited and exclusive access to all of our digital content and platforms along with print delivery. In addition to the print newspaper, your membership will include:

• The e-newspaper edition: A digital replica of the daily newspaper viewable through an Internet browser on most computers. Review and read your newspaper on your laptop; or print out articles.

• Unfettered access to all content posted on, the most comprehensive news source available in the market. Join in the conversation with our comments feature, and interact through in-depth databases, blogs, videos and commentaries.

• Access to all the latest headlines and news stories in a mobile platform either through an app for the iPhone® and Android™ or through our mobile Web site, all easily accessible on any smartphone. It’s news that’s portable and ready to go whenever and wherever you need it.

• Unlimited use of The Augusta Chronicle iPad app, an enhanced newspaper reading experience showing the daily newspaper embedded with interactive features and multimedia. Search and share stories on Facebook and more.

• Access to our upcoming Kindle Fire or Android apps.

Announcing the All-Access Member Rewards Program.

You ALSO will receive our new All-Access Member Rewards Program. This new program will give you exclusive access to discounts at more than 40 area retailers and is only available to members. You can start accessing these discounts today at

The price is going up, but it’s worth it.

Effective at your next renewal, the price of your home delivery subscription/All-Access membership will increase by 85 cents per week. Print-only subscriptions no longer will be offered. For only pennies more a day, you now have complete access to all of our content via print, Web, e-edition, mobile and tablet. You also have complete, unlimited use of the All- Access Member Rewards program. Non-members/non-subscribers simply won’t get it.

Activate today!

You can start benefiting from the digital portion of your subscription/membership today by registering at It’s simple, easy and required to get your account set up and ready to enjoy. There’s also a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section there to help you with any questions you might have about the registration process or technical support. You can also reach us at (706) 722-5620 if you have specific questions on our All-Access membership or how to activate it.


Column by Chronicle publisher William S. Morris III
All-Access: How to sign up; answers to questions


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