Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


BARROW MOVES every election so he can find himself inside what he believes is a safe congressional district. He no more genuinely represents Augusta than he genuinely represented Savannah. He started out living in Athens. He’s all over the place.

THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT horned in and scammed 7.4 million college students by lending them our tax money, knowing that would only put more money into the hands of college administrators, so admins and top profs would profit while most of the students would end up unable to pay back what they’d borrowed. Now, having many such grads locked in, the politicians control those grads. Sweet deal if you’re a power grabbing politician.

THE TIME WASTED on naming a merged university could have gone to something productive. Is all this confusion being purposely done to destroy those schools and hospitals?

IS OBAMA HIRING more Secret Service guards and lending some to Chief Justice Roberts?

HOW CAN A DECENT paper like The Chronicle use a headline like (health) “Mandate unlikely to affect many people,” when it is DEFINITE that it will adversely affect ALL those living inside the U.S.?

HOW’S THIS FOR gross injustice? The Department of Justice ruled that the head of the Department of Justice committed no crime. Since when do accused American officials get to determine their own guilt or innocence?

I WOULD LIKE TO thank the gentleman in the blue Toyota Tundra for purchasing my meal at Chick Fil A (Robert C. Daniel Jr. Parkway) on June 30. This goes to show there are sweet people in the world! Thank you again!

RANTS TO THOSE who pass off Bariatric surgery as a quick fix for weight loss. This is not a liquid or prepacked deal. You can’t just change your mind once it is done. You can’t say I’ll do what I want this weekend and start back on Monday.

A RAVE for the people who stopped along Walton Way during my mom’s funeral procession to Westover on June 21 around 3 p.m.

GOOD LUCK TO Paine College! Yes, you have a historic background and now you need to reflect that by correcting your financial problems.