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A SPECIAL THANK-YOU to the gentleman who works in the optical department at Walmart in North Augusta. Not only did he do a good job, but he was very pleasant and polite.

WHEN ARE THESE generations who have been on the Medicaid-food-stamp wagon all these years going to wake up and realize they are not going to be getting these giveaways programs much longer. The Mexicans will be getting the money.

PLEASE PRINT SOME MORE ABOUT the Democrats. I am so sick and tired of Republicans all over the paper. It makes me nauseated. I love Democrats. I hope they will get a lot of votes in the election.

I TOOK MY GRANDDAUGHTER to two movies that I thought would be appropriate for children. One, Legend of the Guardians, was too dark and violent all the way through. The second one, Big, had profanity throughout and touching private parts on a woman with her blouse off. It was totally inappropriate for kids.

DO ANY OF THE STORES in Augusta have catalogs where women can order clothes? I am just about disabled and can’t get out to do any shopping and I need some clothes.

JESSICA ON CHANNEL 12, slow down your talking so we can understand you.

THE COMMUNIST SO-CALLED Supreme Court showed which side of the bread they put their butter on. They are either scared of the communist president or communist themselves.

MY BOOK IS CALLED Years of Writing. I am a senior citizen and I hope it will be in Barnes and Noble soon. I have a lot to tell the people.

TO DEMOCRATS CELEBRATING the Supreme Court decision, I have lived in England and know what a horrible mess health care is when the government is in charge.

I AM NOT VOTING FOR Mormon Romney and I am not voting for Obama either. I don’t believe he was born in the United States.

MY 17-YEAR-OLD son goes to high school and he knows if he gets caught with drugs he will lose his license for 18 months. Where are our smarts?

THANK YOU FOR FINALLY printing the truth in your newspaper. It is really appreciated. It is about time.



Wed, 01/17/2018 - 23:14

Rants and raves