Firefighters union raises $12,500 for member's wife

Augusta firefighters raised money to help Cindy Tomaszewski in her battle against breast cancer.

The Augusta Professional Fire­fighters union presented a check for $12,500 to Cindy Tomaszewski, the wife of Sgt. Michael Tomaszewski, at the opening of their union meeting Wednesday.


The money was raised over the last four months in four different events organized by the union to aid the Tomaszewskis with expenses related to Cindy Tomaszewski’s ongoing battle with late-stage cancer.

“The money has no strings attached to it,” union president Charles Masters said. “It can help them pay for medical bills or whatever other costs they have. This is just us helping out our family.”

The Tomaszewskis accepted the check with their three children Helena, Sebastian and Stella in tow.

Michael Tomaszewski thanked those gathered in a brief address after accepting the check, saying that it meant everything to him to know that his fellow firefighters were there for him.

“I hope none of you ever have to have this kind of support, but it is amazing to know that you all are here for us,” he said.

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