Rants & Raves

RANT AGAINST ALL the people complaining about all the cyclists on Highway 121. I was on the way to the lake and I slowed down and wished every one of them good luck. When I left, there was a wheelchair biker crossing the dam. I immediately slowed down, stayed a reasonable distance and followed him all the way across the dam. I stopped and told him what I had done and wished him luck. Rants to the three cars that passed me on a double line before we got to the dam. Once again, I welcome all the cyclists.



RANT TO ALL women who text and talk to married men. The wife will find out and come after you. You can take that to the bank.


WITH ALL THE NEEDS for roads in Augusta, it is insane to spend $22 million of taxpayer money to move Berckmans Road.


A QUIET CAT IS very nice in a neighborhood compared to the kids who are skateboard riding and riding bicycles in the middle of the street and yelling like banshees. A cat doesn’t do anything. They even cover their own poop when they go to the bathroom.


BARROW PRETENDS to be conservative, but don’t believe it.


THE SUPREME COURT just ruled that Obama­care is not constitutional but it is constitutional. Can things get more confusing? The Bible says “God is not the author of confusion,” therefore saying that Satan is. Who is running today’s federal government? It ain’t God.


EVEN IF Rep. John Barrow did “desert” Eric Holder, he deserted to save his own skin; thus Barrow did it for the wrong – and a very selfish – reason.


BOTH CONGRESS AND Obama have worked hard to deny us freedom. Now, with their confusing decision on Obamacare, the Supreme Court has joined in with the other two bunches of bums. What would Sam Adams do?



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Rants and raves

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