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IF THE AUGUSTA National so craves the big expensive change for Berck­mans Road, those millionaires should pay for it.

TWENTY-FIVE PAIRS of underwear (stolen)? I hope that obsessive number does not translate to 25 winter shirts, 25 summer shirts, 25 winter pants, etc. As for the comment about turning them inside out to stretch it a second day, eww.

THANK GOODNESS President Obama has been in office to wipe out the shameful downward spiral our country went into socially, politically and financially that Bush had done. Bush dumped our military into two wars he could not handle with his cowboy ways that put off most help and teamwork with other countries. And his rich cronies who made millions as they fell out of their respective companies sure hurt us little people. Now we need four more years of Obama to help correct a lot more to go.

JACKSON CITY government is full of hypocrites. Enforcing rules on some, letting their buddies slide.

A GOVERNMENT PANEL “urged (doctors) to screen for obesity.” It doesn’t take a doctor, a screening or a special test to determine obesity. It takes two seconds and reasonably good eyes to know if somebody is obese. This is just more meddling in our lives.

WHAT HAPPENED TO the day when one had to attend college and the seminary to become a leader and minister of the church? There are so many so-called “ministries” in our area. Why aren’t these ministries policed to be sure these individuals are legitimate?

RANT TO THE TWO people who give a thumbs down for everything anti-Obama and thumbs up for everything pro-Obama. Just because you don’t agree with the person doesn’t mean it isn’t a good post.

TO THE PERSON degrading our law enforcement in Thomson: Those guys risk their lives every day for the community, and I for one am very grateful. You have a lot of nerve to say such garbage about people you probably don’t even know.

WHY WOULD GOVERNOR Deal come to Augusta in support of the increase in our sales tax when just before that visit he was quoted as saying “that now is not the time to raise our taxes.” This quote was in relation to increasing the tax on gasoline. He got it right the first time.



Sat, 11/25/2017 - 00:06

Rants and raves