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A VERY SAD commentary on our collapsing society is your story of women having kids before being married. Alas, this will eventually sink us deeper. One of the women says she couldn’t find “father material.” Then she chose a guy to father her kids via sperm donation. Doesn’t she know she still chose that guy to be the father?


I HOPE THE PERSON who tried to race the train has insurance to pay for his own stupid results.


(ZIMMERMAN) IS NOT innocent. He and his wife lied about the large sum of money. And who’s to say he didn’t lie about how his head was hurt?


YET MORE ACCIDENTS from people who drive when they shouldn’t. People need to start realizing that their vehicles can be weapons of destruction.


ANOTHER RUNDOWN house to consider on your list: The two-story structure at Heath Street and Wrightsboro Road, just down from the VA. Not only was it burned by two fires, but people also are vandalizing it by throwing stuff to break the remaining windows. An eyesore and a hazard.


WHILE ON THE Greeneway heading toward the River Golf Clubhouse with my marathon training group, I was practically run over by four adults and two kids on bikes. The rules of the track are when riding a bike you are to yell at the walkers/runners you are approaching, “Bike on your left.” When you do this, it alerts those runners/walkers that you are approaching and to make sure you as the runner/walker (stay) on the right side of the track.


NORTH AUGUSTA PUBLIC Safety, please enforce the boat trailer-only parking at the Riverview boat ramp. The sandbar visitors are taking up boat trailer parking, the intended purpose of the ramp.


HOW DOES THE PAPER find reporters and photographers who can stomach covering the Augusta “pride” parade?


TIME AND TIME AGAIN you read in the Rants & Raves about speeders and red-light runners. My question is, when are they going to take down all traffic signs because they don’t get enforced and people don’t care about them?


AMEN TO THE RANT about the Veterans Affairs Medical Center. The answering machine asks you to leave your Social Security and name and number and they will return your call, but they never return your call.



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